Not a terrorist attack ?

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    Who will be the first leader to say that this is not a Muslim terrorist attack in Nice ?

    There are always two requirements to any drama or problem and they are the re-active, solve the action and catch the criminals and then there is the pro-active part which says why did it happen and how do we stop it happening again

    Our leaders are totally focused on the finding the criminals after the act and not the pro-active to stop it happening again

    The Western world is at war,-----
    War was previously fought as a set piece war, with opposing sides facing each other across a nice green paddock and blowing each other to pieces
    Then we got into guerilla wars where small groups would attack and run
    Guerilla wars were adapted to suit Al-Qaeda where orders were sent out to the guerilla's (cell) to target a set target

    We have now moved to the next stage, due to the freedom of movement and lack of control or checking we have through-out the world hundreds of thousands of adherents to the cause of world wide domination by the Muslim world

    So all that is needed is for Muslim leaders in Mosques, on the net and in the migrant enclaves to inflame and encourage these fanatics to create horror anywhere they can, they don't need specialized support due to our open free society, they don't need instruction as to what to do, explosives and guns are readily available in every county and trucks, planes etc are there for the taking.

    So how do we combat this terror?
    The leaders have to admit that have stuffed it up and they need to be pro active and stop importing the problems into the various countries .
    They have to deport people who come to their attention, not put them on a watch list just deport them
    Stop all the PC rubbish and call a spade a spade, go back to the leaders of any section of the community and tell them to fix the problem or they will ALL be deported

    Such actions have been done before so it is time to do it again

    Most important is that our leaders accept that the country has a problem and set about fixing it, not invite them to a slap up meal but a hard talking to instead
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