BPC burns, philp & company limited

nose still in trough

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    An interesting trade as BPC paid cash for GMF .
    If as appears likely there is more to sweat out of the GMF assets then this makes BPC akin to a 'Recovery' share , with a Top Manager Graeme Hart who is also a major shareholder . A very rare breed.
    Some of the sellers of GMF will come and buy BPC shares to share in the recovery. I see that some value investors have mentioned that they are upset that GMF was sold so cheaply. Those value investors would have been better served if they had of gee'd up the management of GMF before they saw the company taken from under their noses . Graeme Hart is a real clever fellow who used one of the old successful tactics to foil another possible over bidder by buying a blocking stake to start with . Remenber Ling Tempo Vought in the USA and Slater Walker and Hanson and Mr Jacksons Boss Mr Green Boss man of THE BTR company of the City of London not the Australian BTR Nylex, a would be if it could'nt be etc.
    Whilst I am long BPC at this moment in time , I am a trader and could sell or buy more at any time so do Not listen to me , everyone should research themselves and then if they go wrong then it is easy for them to see that they only have themselves to blame.
    Best wishes

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