norwegian award smells like their fish

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    I suppose the Norwegian award to extreme left-wing revisionist author John Pilger makes sense.
    Remember, the Norwegians - those people with the quaint accents, love of fish and huge amounts of oil - also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to such deserving recipients as

    Yasser Arafat, the father of Suicide Terrorism,
    to Kofi Annan who pulled UN Peacekeepers out of Rwanda and facilitated the murder of a million people in a month,
    and more recently to Jimmy Carter who assured the world that North Korea was not interested in developing nuclear capabilities.

    And those pesky North Koreans didn't even have the decency to wait until a new peace prize winner would be announced to make Jimmy a laughing stock!
    Actually, I would have thought that Pilger would have won an award for fiction, but his 'reporting' doesn't even rate as bad fiction.

    This is an award that no Australia should derive any pride from.
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