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    I think that in the short term (for production in 2008), NWR will probably just do enought to get the plant up to say 60-80,000 tpa.

    This is based on the assumption that Blue Spec will be the first source of ore. We will see an initial resource for Blue Spec (and the others) probably in a week or so. My understanding is that they are puttting several deeper diamond holes (up to 450-500m below surface) into Blue spec to allow for a further resource update in January-February. Assuming the grade (30g/t +) and continuity holds up given them say 150,00 tonnes of ore and scoping studies indicate that recommencing the Blue Spec workings is fairly easy, it makes sense to do Blue Spec whilst they build up the resource elsewhere and generate enough cash to upscale the plant and establish operations at the other Specs.

    Aprox $5million should come in the door in Jan 2008 through the oppies, and I think that it shouldn't to hard to get some debt funding say later in 2007.

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