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    I don't know if anyone picked it up but I checked the Salinas half yearly report on Friday and found a comment about the testing of the North Yowlumne No. 2 well.
    Here is the comment:
    South Buena Vista (North Yowlumne) – AMI Area (Salinas 25%)
    The North Yowlumne-2 well commenced drilling in October and reached a total depth of 13,055
    feet early in December. The well had good hydrocarbon shows across the zone of interest which
    was encountered at a depth and with a thickness close to Salinas’ pre drill predictions. Sand quality
    did not appear to be well developed but indications of natural fractures were observed which were
    thought could enhance reservoir deliverability. The well was subsequently put on production test
    and has been producing up to 30 bopd of light crude. When stabilised rates have been obtained,
    the well will be considered for artificial stimulation which may improve the flow rates and hence the
    commerciality of the well.

    So oil has been found but obviously has not been flowing at a strong enough rate to make it commercial. If they can get it to produce better under pumping (artificial stimulation) then it may become commercial.

    It may need further analysis. Maybe a horizontal drilling at the prime level ?

    So while not a boomer at the moment it does still have a possible life. With NEO's shareholding in Statesman Resouces which is earning a share of this well then NEO has an interest in the further testing here.
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