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north perth basin weekly drilling update

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    Dear Sir / Madam
    Hardman Resources Ltd (“Hardman”) provides the following weekly progress report on
    the drilling of the Jingemia-2 and Leafcutter-1 wells in the North Perth Basin:
    Jingemia-2 Appraisal Well – Jingemia-3 Sidetrack
    Well Location: The Jingemia Oil Field is located within onshore exploration
    permit EP 413, to the north of the Woodada Gas Field and is
    approximately 300 kilometres north of Perth, Western
    The Jingemia-2 appraisal well was drilled from near the
    Jingemia-1 surface location as a deviated well and has
    intersected the oil bearing reservoir at approximately 1
    kilometre south east of the Jingemia-1 discovery well.
    (Previous 7 days to
    06:00 hours 18/9/03)
    Ran wireline logs. Commence sidetrack drilling a new well
    (Jingemia-3) from 750 metres depth in the current well to
    intersect Dongara Sandstone reservoir approximately 400m
    north/north west of the Jingemia-2 location.
    Note: All reported depths are referenced to the rig drill floor.
    Geology &
    Hydrocarbon Shows:
    The top Dongara Sandstone (primary target) was intersected at
    2,699 metres depth (2,457 vertical depth). Analysis of the
    Dongara Sandstone reservoir in the Jingemia-2 well has
    indicated that the reservoir is of poor quality and unsuitable for
    water injection due to thinning of the reservoir section from
    Jingemia-1. It has not been possible to determine if the oil
    shows at the top of the Dongara Sandstone are residual
    saturation of oil or the base of a live oil column. Therefore, the
    joint venture has agreed to sidetrack the well to intersect the
    Dongara Sandstone reservoir approximately 400m to the north.
    Ground Floor, 5 Ord Street, West Perth PO Box 869, West Perth Western Australia 6872 Tel: +61 8 9321 6881 Fax: +61 8 9321 2375
    ABN 98 009 210 235
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    Participants in the Jingemia-2 well are:
    Origin Energy Developments Pty Limited 49.189%
    Hardman Resources Ltd 22.376%
    AWE (Perth Basin) Pty Ltd 15.245%
    Voyager Energy Limited 6.270%
    Victoria Petroleum NL 5.000%
    Norwest Energy NL 1.278%
    Roc Oil (WA) Pty Limited 0.250%
    Arc Energy NL 0.250%
    John Kevin Geary 0.142%
    Leafcutter-1 Exploration Well
    Well Location: Leafcutter-1 is a 1,400 metre exploration well which will test
    the upthrown (high) block of the Beagle Ridge to the west of
    the Woodada Gas Field. The well is being drilled by the 100%
    Hardman owned Logue Rig and is within the Woodada
    Production Licence (L4) located approximately 260 kilometres
    north of Perth, Western Australia.
    (Previous 7 days to
    06:00 hours 18/9/03)
    Drill 8½ inch (216mm) hole from 736 metres to total depth of
    1,332 metres. Commence running wireline logs.
    Note: All reported depths are referenced to the rig rotary table.
    Geology &
    Hydrocarbon Shows:
    Hydrocarbon shows will only be reported after wireline logs
    have been run and evaluated.
    Participants in the Leafcutter-1 well are:
    Hardman Resources Ltd (Operator) 75%
    Bounty Oil & Gas NL 25%
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