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    Hi guys, just took it upon myself to send email to Norges Bank investment arm and pose a couple of questions to them regarding BBI and BBP as they are major shareholders. Below is a copy of what I said and I will advise IF or ANY response I get.

    "I am involved with a group of investors that are current shareholders in Babcock & Brown
    Power (BBP.asx) and Babcock & Brown Infrastructure (BBI.asx). Some discussion has been
    had between us as to Norges Bank being a major shareholder in these two Australian Entities.

    As I am sure you are aware, there is serious deterioration in the World Economy and
    unprecedented share price devaluation in world markets and Australian markets.

    As you are involved with the same investments as us, we would like your opinion on these two
    Australian entities. Our research leads us to believe that although Babcock & Brown
    (BNB.asx) is teetering on slipping into administration (Australian precursor to Bankruptcy)
    and as such being the responsible entity for both the aforementioned satellites, how do you
    see the picture for these two satellites?

    We are of the understanding that both BBI and BBP can continue to operate without the parent
    company of Babcock and Brown, however there is still some confusion over this. Does Norges
    Bank believe that the two satellites BBI and BBP will continue on in the event of BNB
    failure or do you believe that failure of the responsible entity (BNB) will cause failure in
    the two satellites?

    Are Norges Bank satisfied with the investment in BBI and BBP, albeit the share price has
    been beyond belief in recent weeks/months, and do you see any reason to discount the share
    price further?

    We would appreciate any of your thoughts regarding these two satellites of Babcock and Brown
    and any information we can assist you with please feel free to ask. Thankyou for your time
    in this matter and we look forward to hearing from your well respected bank.

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