None of the above! would it get up ala the movie Brewsters Millions?

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    Interested to know if people think a 'none of the above' campaign would win the vote like in the movie thanks to Richard Pryor.

    Maybe we need a campaign with candidates to be elected on the promise to implement a none of the above vote option put on ballots permanently for all possible elections within their jurisdiction. Then when we elect again we can pick the none of the above option if we believe none of the candidates are good enough!

    Once that option came up we could just turn over election candidates until we get someone we think is qualified better than the none of the above option. Until a acceptable level of candidates passes the none of the above test elections have to be re-run until they get the candidates their act together! It is one way the election market can be more like a price taker for consumers instead of a price maker for suppliers.

    It could be one way to stop, or at least hinder, these politicians sending Australia bankrupt!
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