non posters/seldom posters on hc

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    Sunday 31 Oct 2004, 3.15pm and the following observers on HC are:-
    4woodleaf Member Since: 1/4/2001 Posts:0
    chips Member Since: 1/4/2001 Posts: 2
    Draggie Member Since: 2/9/2004 Posts:0
    Fozdik Member Since: 7/28/2001 Posts: 1
    Gah Member Since: 2/5/2000 Posts: 2
    hi_trout Member Since:7/7/2001 Posts: 0
    maas Member Since:8/20/2003 Posts:0
    marinep Member Since: 6/27/2001 Posts: 0
    markrmau Member Since: 10/6/2004 Posts: 1
    moffatt Member Since: 1/28/2000 Posts: 0
    Nbkhoo Member Since: 10/18/2004 Posts: 0
    ruby64 - Member Since:7/23/2000 Posts: 0
    stranger01 Member Since: 10/10/2004 Posts: 0
    U16DS Member Since: 11/6/2000 Posts: 0
    Zaida Member Since: 11/6/2000 Posts: 0

    Gets you wondering their motivation.
    My best 10 guesses.
    10th place - a recent HC member and checking how things work.
    9th - people with particular political/ethnic views they wish to ramp
    8th - kids curious
    7th - adults curious
    6th - stumbled on the site and gets enough amuzement from it to log in on Sunday afternoons
    5th - people looking for gags to send to their friends
    4th - HC staffer keeping an eye on things
    3rd - regulators keeping an eye on things
    2nd - Stock tipping newsletters desperate for something to tip to the mugs in the next edition.
    1st - Journos desparate for a yarn to write about tomorrow.
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