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    The 56 page Telstra report states on page 26 that Many weaknesses have been identified. These include first and foremost UNDERLYING FINANCIAL WEAKNESS!

    So the execs have kept from the shareholders for at least a month that Telstra has an underlying financial weakness which is then made worse by the regulation stuff.

    Pretty strong stuff to be telling your major shareholder! Surely such strong stuff should have at the same time gone out to all?

    UNDERLYING FINANCIAL WEAKNESS! No wonder the credit agencies are looking closely at Telstra now!

    There are lots of interesting things in the 56 page Telstra report.

    For me the fact that over 14% of all Telstra lines are faulty is alarming to say the least!

    How can you successfully operate a telecoms company when one in every seven of your lines is faulty?

    This is real serious stuff! This should have been disclosed ages ago to the market as it certainly is price sensitive.

    There ought to be a separate announcement by Telstra on how the business is damaged by 1 in 7 lines being faulty and what they are urgently doing about this!

    Telstra management put up the fact that 14% of their lines have a fault as a serious piece of data for the consumption of the government. Clearly it is meaningful data. Why else would such experienced Amigos put it up if it wasnt true and wasnt relevent?

    Clearly they are saying that their system is stuffed.

    This part alone should have been announced to the ASX back on Aug 11th as it has serious implications for customers and therefore profit!

    14.3 million fault calls is an interesting number as well.
    that is getting up to 1 fault call for every single person in the country who actually uses a phone. Quite incredible!

    Another gem from the 56 page briefing paper.

    Legacy computer systems cant handle the volumes brought on by new customers!

    Surely this is also dynamite. If your computer systems are unable to handle your transaction volumes then you would normally lose customers, revenue and profit as a result.

    I would have thought that there was an absolute obligation to tell all shareholders of this state of affairs as it surely affects the value of the business.

    Why did management tell the major shareholder but no-one else??

    Will ASIC look very seriously at all of these and other issues contained within the 56 pages? Only time will tell I suppose. In my view the ordinary investor has clearly been left out in the cold on these issues whilst management wages a war with the government over trying to keep intact their monopoly.
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