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    Nokia appoints SGT 2002 14:50:09 as sole Asia Pacific data comms.provider


    HOMEX - Sydney

    Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) has clinched a
    multi-million dollar deal to connect and expand Nokia's
    telecommunications network in the Asia Pacific region.

    SingTel will support Nokia's telecommunications network, which covers
    12 countries and territories, linking its regional headquarters in
    Singapore to offices and manufacturing plants elsewhere in the
    region. These include providing international ATM (Asynchronous
    Transfer Mode) links from Singapore to Indonesia, Japan, Korea,
    Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand and frame relay service to
    Vietnam and India.

    Through SingTel Optus, SingTel will also provide Nokia with
    end-to-end international ATM connections from Singapore to Australia
    and from Australia to New Zealand.

    The new contract will make SingTel the sole data communications
    provider for Nokia in the region. Nokia had previously used SingTel
    and another global service provider for its international network
    connectivity in the Asia Pacific region.

    Nokia, the world's largest mobile handset manufacturer, decided last
    year that it would be more cost effective to consolidate its network
    requirements under a single telecom provider in the region. Several
    major global and regional service providers including SingTel were
    invited to bid for the tender which was evaluated based on Nokia's
    Wide Area Network (WAN) requirements, as well as the track record of
    the service providers and cost.

    "This was not a simple migration from one provider to another. We are
    at the same time doubling the bandwidth for destinations such as the
    Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam," said Mr Juha Kassinen, Head of
    Nokia's Network Operations. "We were looking for a service provider
    who is able to meet all our different needs, including availability,
    quality, cost and technical services and SingTel had the best
    combination. We have been using SingTel's services for a while and we
    are happy with its track record and stability of its network."

    Once its Asia Pacific network is fully migrated to SingTel by the end
    of this year, Nokia expects to see a cost reduction of about 20 per
    cent, compared to using multiple service providers previously. "We
    will review our backbone network again for any need to expand and
    diversify, and we certainly look forward to working with SingTel in
    our future expansion plans," said Mr Kassinen.

    Mr Lim Chuan Poh, SingTel's Executive Vice President (Corporate
    Business) said: "We are proud and delighted that Nokia has chosen to
    use SingTel exclusively for its pan-regional network. This is an
    endorsement from a world-class manufacturer of SingTel's reliability
    and capabilities not just in our traditional hub of Singapore but
    also in Australia and across the Asia Pacific."

    SingTel has an on-going programme to enhance its competitiveness and
    better serve multinational corporations in the region. In June this
    year, SingTel announced a S$170 million initiative to upgrade its
    infrastructure including its global ConnectPlus network. The Group
    has also set up SingTel Global Offices in 29 cities across the world
    to provide in-country support to customers.

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