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No tax advantage selling after tomorrow

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    Well I'm heartly sick of tax season I can tell you.

    Don't mind telling you I'm loaded to the gunwalls with GTP now (who wouldn't be at these prices) and I imagine that the seller (CBA/Colonial) must just about be through. This is what happens in medium traded stocks when a large shareholder exits of course.

    But I stand by my prediction - GTP will rate as one of the highest rating dividend yeilders for the year just past - no question about that, and I have no doubt that as one of the most financially secure companies sailing into a potential maelstrom it will also turn out to be one of the best capital appreciators in the coming financial year - especially for those given the rare second chance of contrarian purchasing at these current prices.

    Strong buying support materialised on the buy side of both GTP and TIM today with well above average volume on GTP indicating that substantial buying interest has been sitting off screen out of market depth.

    Sales at these levels are below even the 64c DRP price so I suspect the buyer is desperately trying to clear the tail before end of financial year. Will they punch through 61c tomorrow ? Who knows but I don't mind betting that tomorrows trade may well be the last at these levels...

    Anyway, do your own research. I'm exhausted by it. Time for me to sit back and trust my judgement.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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