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    One should apparently be careful about jumping to conclusions with Macca's.

    Firstly, did you know that their core business is NOT hamburgers (or what they try to pass off as hamburgers anyway)?

    It is real estate.

    Secondly, it has been on record for some time that they are battling a major community move away from their products following the Mad Cow disease scare and also what appears to be a customer base suddenly waking up to what unhealthy contents are contained within many of the food products.

    For this point I reference MacDonalds recent and completely disasterous legal battle against two unemployed teachers in the UK that turned into Englands longest running court case and which became an international public relations disaster for the company.

    The teachers had been campaiging outside a Macca's outlet with signs saying that the products were full of sugar, fat and salt and were therefore unhealthy for you. macDonalds sued them for libel and was then forced to watch its key international staff dragged into the witness box by a huge panel of volunteer lawyers who rallied in principle to the teachers defence.

    Some memorable highlights include one international manager admitting that MacDonalds being one of the major contributors to littering in the UK wasn't such a bad thing because all the rubbish helped fill up disused quarries around the country and MacDonalds own Head of Nutrition being forced to admit that the teachers were correct when they said that eating excess quantities of sugar fat and salt was deterious to you health and that most MacD products contained relatively high quantities of the three.

    The prospect of court actions against fast food majors such as MacDonalds by overweight Americans who would rather blame someone else for the condition they find themselves in probably isn't helping the product image either (and represents another highlight for the US legal system...not.)
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