no real threat from north korea!

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    Well there you are. In our media we are innundated with the future of war with North Korea, the necessity to partake in expensive "Star Wars" defence systems, while the people at the scene quietly play down any imminent threat of war.Everything is being quietly resolved.

    North Korea ready to abandon nukes, seek peace: president-elect

    Seoul (AFP) - North Korea will respond to diplomatic pressure and abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions as it seeks to open up to the outside world, South Korean president-elect Roh Moo-Hyun said as a top Russian envoy headed for Pyongyang. Roh, who takes office on February 25, said fears that unpredictable North Korea would resort to armed force in its standoff with the world community over it nuclear weapons were misplaced."North Korea does not have the military capability to resolve any issue through its armed forces and North Korea knows this fact very well," Roh told foreign businessmen here."I think the problem can be resolved through dialogue because North Korea is sincere about its willingness to open up and reform, because it has no other choice."The president-elect, champion of engagement with the reclusive Stalinist regime that has ratcheted up tension in the region for the past three months, said that a concerted diplomatic drive would eventually bear fruit. "If we consistently talk to North Korea, North Korea will give up its nuclear ambitions," said the 56-year-old liberal leader who has opposed the Washington-led hard-line drive to coerce Pyongyang into scrapping its nuclear drive. However, a day earlier South Korea's Defense Minister Lee Jun said that the country had to be ready for war in case the diplomatic process broke down in a "worst case scenario." Pyongyang's state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Friday the crisis would end only if Washington stops its "hostile policy" on the communist state in a written pact. "If the US truly wants peace on the Korean peninsula and the settlement of the nuclear issue, it should conclude a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK and formally declare the abandonment of its hostile policy toward the latter at the negotiating table," KCNA said in a statement. South Korea and North Korea are set to have three separate rounds of rapprochement talks next week, including a cabinet-level meeting which Seoul wants to use to help ease the crisis. China, which offers to host reconciliation US-North Korean talks, was the staging post Friday for another key diplomatic drive led by Alexander Losyukov, Russia's deputy foreign minister and special presidential envoy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has entrusted Losyukov to put forward a Moscow-brokered resolution to the crisis when he visits Pyongyang on Sat*rday after going over the proposal Friday with China's Vice Foreign Minister, Yang Wenchang. "It is necessary to give quiet diplomacy an opportunity to work," he told reporters on arrival in the Chinese capital. Beijing has said it hopes the Russian envoy's "mediation will work" and that it was willing to cooperate on efforts to resolve the standoff. "China is willing to exert joint efforts with related sides and push for the early resolution of the DPRK (North Korea) nuclear issue," said foreign ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue.

    Tensions still remain, but the main problem is the aggression of the Yanks. But it is a relatively milder situation than is reported in our own press.
    The source; oh yeah, it is an AFP report in the Babil Newspaper, Baghdad.

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