no peace agreement with the palestininians ever la

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    It is interesting to contrast the tone of condemnation by Palestinian 'peacemaker' Abbas on the occasion of a Palestinian Imam who self detonated killing twenty people (mostly women and children of course) and when a terrorist leader is killed.

    Concerning the former, Abbas tempers his statement that it "did not serve the national interests" of the Palestinians.

    Does he refer to the terror act as one of unmitigated evil, a crime against humanity, or the behaviour of an animal?


    His only challenge is that it really doesn't help his
    political aspirations.

    But when Hamas terrorist Ismail Abu Shanab, a mastermind of attacks who attempted to hide behind being also a 'political leader', is eradicated, Abbas is almost apoplectic. "A heinous crime."

    And people wonder why no peace agreement with the Palestininians ever lasts.

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