No one deserves the death penalty under any circumstance????

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    HCrites, This is in response to a naive, ignorant teenager girl advocating that death penalty is not acceptable under ANY circumstances)

    Just want to vent my total dismay at the young, ignorant, i-know-stuff-all, wet-behind-the years, girl who featured on a certain news channel making her bold statements (in reference to the 2 Bali-9 ers on death row). Does she, or anyone else in the world that advocates the same BS, have no brains/intellect to be able to differentiate between crimes where capital punishment (death) MUST be the only final decision/outcome as opposed to those crimes where capital punishment ought not to be imposed?

    To the ignorant, know-stuff-all teenage girl with her loudmouth advocating her non-rational thoughts across Australian media - I ask this: Do you think that the friggin bastards who intruded a private home in South Africa last week, hacking a loving family from Perth (husband/wife & father/mother &brother to death with axes and mutilating a beautiful daughter and mentally scaring her and her younger surviving brother for the rest of their lives, do you think they (the sickening murderers who would have no other motive but to break and entry & rob) don't deserve the DEATH Penalty???

    Wake up, you and all your "do-gooders" mates because soon it could happen to you or a close relative and then I'd want to hear you advocate the same message across media channels. Naive is not the word. You've got no friggin idea what life is all about and you have much to learn from life.

    Sorry, but the arrogance with which some people goes on air to make statements without thinking/realizing what they are saying, sickens me. Next thing we know she'd have opened a "soup kitchen" for the ISIL shites.
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