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No News, No Volume, No Up

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    As I have very correctly pointed out over the last 2 to 3 years, BDR trades mainly on information known to those close to the company. The evidence is undeniable. (BDR is one of 90% of ASX companies that do this - so I aint throwing stones at BDR)

    Now with NO VOLUME and NO MOVEMENT I can only guess there is NO NEWS for the fortunate to trade. So at this point in time, we have a rare moment where the retail mug is on par with the insider.

    So, let me just ask some questions

    1) why was there no talk of the dividend in the quarterly (did management forget? did management quietly change their mind?)
    2) did you notice the 'averagish/lowish' JAN-MAR production... YET in Jan, should be this last Duckhead motza... take off that motza, and Jan-Mar is quite poor
    3) with BRL POG near record high AND oil now crashed, surely the insiders would know the profit margins are extremely good.. so where is the buy volume

    In any case, my 1/2/3 are hardly extreme. Just some thoughts. I am sad that MY valuation, when it was 37 cents, showed it was 'about OK'. So, why it has falled 20% from there, I just wonder why.

    The next thing to look for is volume. That will tell you a lot. Insiders trade (on volume) when they know know something not known by the outside world. Maybe BDR has turned into a share where the retailer and the insider are on par. That would be cool. And that would lead to some incredibly low volume.

    At 30 cents this is a buy, for sure. But tred carefully.
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