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no need to convince anyone..

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    To all believers and others,

    Poseidon will become one of the largest ni Producer soon.
    Poseidon has a first class management team
    Poseidon has great statistics at any level to beat all competitors
    Poseidon has achieved some great performance since July
    Poseidon share price has come up from 7 cents to 27 in 2 months
    Poseidon is in place to announce some stunning strategies
    Poseidon must be in production within 4/5 months. deadline early 2015, no choice

    Ni price has plunged to 7.40usd, currently 7.85usd /lb
    I don't control ni price but i assume it will come back to 8.50/9 usd and hopefully stabilized at that level even higher
    Remind yourself, POS production cost is all around 4.10usd/lb, we can still sleep well

    so now i can read some negative posts, let the company works, it is all good
    we are not God or Budha or Mohammed Prophet
    Let thing come to us because it is coming, i can feel it
    We need Ni price to stabilize, volatility is too troubling currently.
    Let ni price to recover then you will see who is POS..

    Pos is at 19.5 cents, still resisting to this weak market compare to PAN,MCR, WSA down heavily.

    Just some basic advices
    1/ POS is not a good stock for speculators
    2/ POS is still a challenge, adventure but we can do it and we are getting close to it
    Conclusion, if you are scared, don t get in, stay away or leave the boat

    Fredy loves POS
    Fredy is POS Mascot
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