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no more future complain

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    Company's disclaimers:

    no more complaint again because we tell you everything of our risks.

    "Key risk factors

    In assessing this offer, shareholders should consider the risks associated with an investment
    in Ventracor. Some of the risk factors that should be considered are summarised below:
    Funding risk The Company may be unable to secure on acceptable terms, or at all, the
    future funding it requires to commercialise the VentrAssist LVAD,
    particularly given the current uncertain and volatile economic climate and
    equity markets. Failure to secure further funding will have a material
    adverse impact on investments in Ventracor.
    Investment risk An investment in Ventracor should be considered speculative and is
    subject to risks associated with general share market conditions,
    economic conditions, inflation, currency fluctuation, interest rates, supply
    and demand and changes to legislation and other such commercial
    factors. The share price of Ventracor may move up or down.
    Regulatory risk There is no guarantee that the necessary regulatory approvals will be
    obtained or that there will not be a delay in obtaining such approvals.
    Delays could arise from increased competition for clinical trial sites and
    patients which inhibits the recruitment rate in the Ventracor’s trials. Delay
    in FDA regulatory approval will adversely affect the Company’s ability to
    generate significant revenues in the United States.
    Product risk There is a risk that the VentrAssist LVAD may not meet the performance
    objectives necessary for regulatory approval, or may be subject to design
    or manufacturing issues which could result in a recall or suspension of
    Clinical risk The conduct of a clinical trial requires the engagement of many hospitals,
    and clinicians at those hospitals, and good patient selection, all which are
    out of Ventracor's control. Adverse events with a patient in a clinical trial
    may also be incorrectly ascribed to Ventracor's products. Failure of a
    physician to follow the instructions for use of Ventracor's products may
    also result in adverse clinical outcomes.
    A number of clinical trial and regulatory steps to be taken are outside of
    the direct control of the Company and may ultimately follow a course
    which is different from historical precedents upon which the chart is
    based. In addition, unforeseen circumstances might impact upon
    envisaged timeframes for both the clinical trials and the regulatory
    approval processes.
    Module A of the EVERLAST DT Trial is the first clinical trial of an LVAD in
    the US on a “less sick” patient population. As such, the Company is
    breaking new clinical and regulatory ground, with unknown results. The
    Company is at an early stage of enrolment in the EVERLAST Trial, and it
    is possible that enrolment may not be as fast as planned or anticipated.
    Risk that market
    for LVADs does
    not develop
    The anticipated market for LVADs may not grow to a size whereby
    Ventracor can achieve a commercial return from funds provided by its
    Competition Competition from other medical device companies or other technology
    which may provide a substitute for Ventracor’s product(s) may affect the viability of Ventracor as a business.
    The occurrence of any or all of the matters referred to above, and others, could have a
    material adverse impact on an investment in Ventracor.
    You should also be aware that the market price of Ventracor shares may rise or fall between
    the date of this offer and the date when shares are issued to you under the Plan, any such
    change in the market price of shares will not affect the Issue Price under the Plan or the
    number of shares offered to you under the Plan, and the Issue Price may be either higher or
    lower than the price of Ventracor's shares at the time the shares are issued to you under the Plan."

    -----------Means if you are gathering capital the later lose money, please do not scold the company, is consequence which you have only self to blame.
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