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no more edd

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    The Chairman of Acclaim has left the building.

    EDD has caused some damage in AEX since he was first invited by the Managing Director at 18c and now the price is 3.5c.

    It was noted at the AGM that Edd was trying to steal AEX and vend his private company called National Institute of Mining and Exploration better also known as NIMEX. But NIMEX has no assets except for EDDs cronies as expertise, plus his $800K salary p.a.What a joke.

    Aex has got the monkey off their back now and they should be able to concentrate the way they use too back in the good ol days when EDD wasnt even their.


    HOMEX - Perth

    The company advises the results of the resolutions considered by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of Acclaim Exploration NL held on 26 November 2002. The results of the meeting were as follows:

    1. Re-Election of Director - Mr E Eshuys Defeated
    2 Acquisition - Austral Nickel Pty Ltd Passed

    For the purposes of Section 251AA of the Corporations Act 2001 the company advises that resolution 1 was lost on a show of hands and resolution 2 was passed on a show of hands.
    Set out below is the proxy information required by Section 251AA.


    Resolution 1 18,928,838 117,024,125 0 347,800 136,340,763

    Resolution 2 117,269,965 18,543,998 139,000 347,800 136,340,763

    N J Bassett

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Currently unlisted public company.

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