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    Coal imports to China from Australia have dropped over 4% while overall, China imported 13% more this year. So yeah, we've been put in the naughty corner.

    Some interesting perspectives below.

    It's ironic that Scott Morrison, who was installed as PM with the help of Clive Palmer's preferences and Gina Rinehart's funding of conservative media and think tanks, has damaged the coal industry more than Bill Shorten could have ever done. The SCMP article talks about how the PM did the damage.

    Is it bad and likely to get worse? Probably. There are specific types of coal that China struggles to get anywhere else. Otherwise we would have been punished more. Will Simon Birmingham be able to get things back on track? Possibly not. Lloyd's details the other suppliers that China is looking at. The Guardian sees this as a broader strategy of greater self-sufficiency. China wants to wean itself off getting so many resources from one place - Australia.
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