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    Just to recap Moon mate;

    " They also do not want to remind us that when the GST Agreement was introduced into parliament on May 5, 1999, by the then-Premier Richard Court, it was supposed to be the lasting saviour of our economy.

    As Court said: ‘The Agreement represents a significant breakthrough in the reform of Commonwealth – State relations which will provide the States with a secure and growing revenue source to better fund services such as health, education and welfare.’

    Fifteen years on, with the distribution formulae and processes largely unchanged, either the GST has delivered the promised ‘secure and growing revenue source’ to WA or it hasn’t – there is no middle ground.

    Either the Court government got it wrong then and the Barnett government is right now or vice versa.

    They both can’t be right, but they can both be wrong.

    The truth is, the GST has not delivered what it promised and that is largely because while the bureaucrats get it, the state pollies have never understood the GST sharing agreement they signed with Canberra. "


    " Mr KOBELKE: Regardless of the Labor Party's campaign emphasis, the people of this State will judge the Premier according to the impact the GST has on them. Subclause (3), by implication, states that the Western Australian Government endorsed the GST in principle. However, the Premier seems to be tardy in mouthing those words and being willing to put on record that he thinks the GST is an excellent tax system.

    Mr Court: I will put it on record now. It is a much better system than the wholesale sales tax system we have currently, which is a mess.

    Mr KOBELKE: The Premier sees it as a comparative advantage.

    Mr Court: Yes. "


    WA still shafted in latest GST carve-up

    " Richard Court has a lot to answer for "


    WA loses $39 billion in GST carve-up


    Please Moon mate, don't ever tell me the libs are better economic managers, this tells the true story.

    In case its gawn over your head Moon mate, WA would be debt free had, we had what was rightfully ours, not taking into account of course cols big spending.


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