No leadership challenge against Morrison (Speers), but he's certainly on shaky ground.

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    The Prime Minister's leadership is safe, according to his colleagues, and some are more forgiving of his "missteps" than others, but damage has been done and Morrison's standing internally has been diminished. The view this Prime Minister has some sort of infallible political judgement, having delivered a "miracle" election victory, is well and truly gone.

    The link has been drawn between Morrison's mishandling of the Black Summer bushfires and the past month's allegations of rape, harassment and sexism. Both required human empathy, an ability to read community sentiment and judgement — important traits for a Prime Minister, which more than a few Liberal MPs believe Morrison has now failed to demonstrate in two separate political crises.

    Recent Australian experience would suggest this would normally lead, at the very least, to leadership chatter. Just ask Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull.

    That's not happening here and certainly not in the midst of a pandemic. The party remains loyal to Morrison, as does his deputy Josh Frydenberg; the only viable alternative leader.

    Rule changes enacted by Morrison also make it considerably harder to make any change, even if MPs wanted to. Many believe the Prime Minister genuinely wants to drive change in the treatment of women, but even his most ardent supporters struggle to defend some of his behaviour.

    Yet the inevitable pounding that has resulted from Morrison's serious blunders, and his subsequent desperate attempts to make up for his errors by agreeing to do what has been asked of him for so long, show that the PM is certainly feeling under threat.

    And rightly so. He has ignored the thousands of women who marched on parliament to express their reasonable and genuine outrage (not some confected outrage as some on HC are suggesting) at the manner of the PM's response (or lack of) to rape and sexual harassment by his own colleagues. Lets not forget, he even deliberately refused to read the document sent by friends of "Kate". This is the Mark of the man!

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