ABY 0.00% 43.0¢ aditya birla minerals limited

no dividends but buy back

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    Read Morning Star's report.

    Declaring another 9 /10 cents does not make any sense to me looking into the market price.

    If the management is really smart they should utilise the extra cash to buy back the shares.

    Instead of a dividend in 2011 and 2012(if proposed) they could have easily bought back 20% of the shares outstanding at the current market price.

    This is the only way to bring back the value to the sharehodlers.

    If they do not want to do this then they should acquire companies like YTC which is trading much below its fair value. This way they can counter the risk of short mine life and combined cost of production will fall dramatically.

    Not enough thinkers in ABY's management.

    That is the reason JP Morgan is exiting in a hurry.

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