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I have no idea if fishman67 has other investments other than...

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    I have no idea if fishman67 has other investments other than BIT. I certainly hope he does, but my concern is that he has too much of his savings invested in BIT.

    I really think we need to get away from all the spin in biotech. The problem with letting spin determine where the cash flows in the industry is the best spin artists attract all the cash and those companies trying to do the right thing get their message drowned out. Things are as bad in the biotech sector as they were in the junior mining space in the 1970s and 80s where you could basically get away with saying anything and lots of investors got burnt by total crooks. Biotech is too important to the future of Australia to let the loudest spruiker decide what companies are supported or not.

    BIT needed more money before 2010 and less afterwards. It needed more money to really make a proper go of it's IP and if it didn't pan out after a decent try it should have been shut down and the money put into the next promising biotech. Instead it never got enough money when it needed and it has hung around far too long pushing a program with little to no chance of success. The worst of all worlds.
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