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No data, no new trials and no mice to the sword!

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    Been at pains length to understand the pest un-checked ramps of no substance. Fair chance old mate who started the 10 billion thread has given the full license to feed the beast as all of us gives scraps off the table un-knowingly.

    So what has he been spruiking, it doesn't have enough data boo-who old mate. Follow the story of the company and great minds of ANU......

    I love this sentence that keep the trial open and keep the chips on the table

    'Ongoing analyses of BIT225‐009 samples and data are in progress to further characterise the observed unique effects of BIT225 in patients.'
    S0 low and behold the last 18 months since start of 009 trial, the science has followed!
    2016 just a lazy choice to invest even more on the FIRST in the CLASS
    For the one down ramper that has lost connection of his beloved field in over 10 years, 'Wake up'
    And for the other three to four clowns, look at the timeline, seven months without any data of substance because it is under the cone of silence, 'Ask yourself, why these poster's are still here after this this and no new info, they know it is just around the corner and they missed the 1.6 cent SP and the 0.002 option B's'
    "Are they saving you from a bad investment or saving you from huge profit."
    Devil will be in the detail of next Ann. Just remember!
    Trial still open.
    Analysis have been ongoing for since last administered BIT225 on the 3rd of January 2018.
    New Assay results not released due to ongoing communication for commercial outcome.
    100mg the great unknown and fair reason why trial is still open and ongoing talks happening for the last seven months.
    Journal not released since November 2018, IP protected until Phase 3 parameters drawn up with partner.

    DYOR IMHO, don't feed the trolls who have invested interest.

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