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    Trapeze Artist Attacks Rival with Castration Tongs
    Fri Feb 14,10:43 AM ET

    BERLIN (Reuters) - A lovesick 58-year-old German man was sentenced to seven years in jail after attacking a factory worker with a pair of bull castration tongs in the western town of Duesseldorf, a state court said on Friday.

    The circus trapeze artist had tried to emasculate the man using the steel pincers after accusing him of having a relationship with his former girlfriend, a 46-year-old belly dancer who performed in the same circus.

    The trapeze artist inflicted serious injury on the victim, who worked at a local factory, with the tongs and a knife in the February 2002 assault. But the factory worker was able to fight off the smaller attacker and prevent more serious injury.

    "Fortunately the factory worker didn't lose anything -- except for a lot of blood," said Ulrich Tholer, spokesman for the Duesseldorf state court. The assailant was convicted of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm. He was also fired from the circus.


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