No # 1 Threat To Aussie Bank's $1.8 Trillion Mortgage Industry Crash?

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    No # 1 Threat To Aussie Bank's $1.8 Trillion Mortgage Industry Crash?
    20th July 2020: Banks-OZ Economy-Gov't Budgets-25m Aussies Are 100% Inter-Dependent Upon $1.8 Trillion Home Mortgages Not Tanking!

    And They're 100% Destined To Be By 30%-$600bn-Because There's Currently No Floor In Price-Value-Security Equation!

    Look At What Exists Today: Unprecedented Rising Unemployment-Under-Employment; Wages Deflation; 200% Household Debt Blowout; With-drawl Of Financial Lifelines; Falling Prices By 30%; Negative Equity Rising; Catastrophic Indebtedness; Economic Recession Turning To Prolonged Depression; 62% Bank Assets-Mortgages-At Extremely High Risk...

    Now Add Killer Punch: Banks-At Least Westpac-Ignore Bank-Mortgage Insurance-Council-Market Value-Property Valuations! Instead, Dump Family Homes @ 30% Below Market Value.

    Then Sue The Arse Of Destitute Customers Via Credit Corp Or Panthera Finance

    Reality? 25m Aussies Have Zero "Real" Property Security In Event Of Any Default-Mortgage, Credit Card, Personal Loan

    Bank Sworn Valuations, Plus Any Other, Are Meaningless For Customers. Worthless

    For Everybody's Security A "Floor" Valuation Must Be Established, Respected. Alternative Is Economic Suicide

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