nms v bqt v qrs

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    While I am obviously not comparing apples to apples I was interested to know the market caps for potential AUS world leading technology companies:

    NMS - 13 million
    QRS - 35 million
    BQT - 39 million

    Would appear that NMS has significant room to grow DEPENDENT on the size of the market being comparable to the other two companies. I'm assuming contracts in the near future will put this into perspective.

    Of the three companies I like NMS (currently hold) and BQT. BQT has had a lot of director buying of late and I am thinking of purchasing.

    I previously held QRS, but with a large market cap and no indications of licencing revenue I am very wary.

    Do any other posters have details on other companies I could compare. I am looking at world class, innovative technology with smaller companies that have significant potential to appreciate in price. Does TZL fit into this category?

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