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Batman, you did misread the post, but you are correct in what...

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    Batman, you did misread the post, but you are correct in what you were trying to demonstrate, which is that Striker was incorrect in what he was trying to imply.  Cockatooo did state in his post "expect management to confirm ect will be on the agenda as they did for the earlier meeting this month" and this is factually correct as the January 3 2019 announcement did in fact state:
    • "Approval to sign ‘Research Collaboration Agreement’ (RCA) agenda item for Board meeting"

    I can't blame you for what you stated in your second quoted post either... it is so difficult mods to decipher certain behaviours on this forum when they can really only practically evaluate individual posts as they are reported, rather than the holistic behavior.  It's a catch-22 when the very behavior is maliciously designed to be longstanding and perpetual that when legitimate users get worn down they are actually the ones that get in trouble.  Why is this relevant to this stock?  Simple: in my opinion I think the behavior directly affects people's perceptions of the company, and thus if the big news happens can create an impact on an investor's willingness (or not) to buy, thus affecting the stock price which some people hypocritically complain about even though their behavior may even intentionally be trying to influence.  This then leaves people with good intentions the need to try and tie the point home with things like I have just written to ensure their post remains relevant on the stock, in an attempt to mitigate the risks of posts like this disappearing.

    Long-winded I know - but very pertinent to a small cap stock like this.

    Cautious Investor (that only just noticed the current SP as well!)
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