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Hi Striker, I don't have smaller countries in mind, I think big...

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    Hi Prosper, don't know if you are asking me a question, so don't know what to respond, sorry.
    Hi Striker,
    • I don't have smaller countries in mind, I think big countries with plenty of resources is the logical approach and my opinion is that India is one of the right places to be,
    • I am always open to other suggestions in addition to where we are focusing, hence offering for some suggestions.  Some great discussion has come from just asking around this (thanks to yourself a @HGIQ, among others for contributing)... this is also why I sometimes wait to see what other people respond before jumping in
    • I agree our own backyard (Australia) is also an appropriate country, and I think great efforts have been made in trying to pursue developing our technology on home soil

    In consideration of above approach on "big country, plenty of resource" I reference HGIQ's data:
    Top 10 countries production:
    My thoughts (with an underlying assumption that chasing countries with plenty of lignite resources are the way to go):
    • I would hope that our company would routinely visit data like this to try and identify priority countries to pursue with tech (in the context of other data such as Matmor opportunities, steel production by country, in-ground resources etc.)
    • I note some data is old, but let's assume still relevant or reflective of 2019
    • I note that this is around production in one given year (from what I can see), so  note it may not be directly related to above ground (mined) inventories that are still sitting around with the opportunity to still be used for Coldry
    • I would argue for above, some countries production may be used in the year they are produced
    • Noting the above, let's for the sake of analysis say the list is reflective of 2019 reality, production correlates to usable resources for Coldry, and no other major considerations need to be applied that would change the data to much
    • With the notes above I would evaluate
    • US at this point in time is very closed politically to foreign technology development, so drop them off the list)
    • Germany is very advanced in their technology, and in mining and associated industries are arguably leaders in their field
    • Australia is being pursued, so this ticks the box
    • Russia I have my own biases around in relation to foreign entities trying to do business there
    • Turkey may be an opportunity, if we remove some biases... maybe ECT has considered?
    • Poland you have already covered
    • and that brings us to India

    So with the top 7 in the list above (where the 7th is currently our largest focus, along with Australia), we have the 2 mentioned countries I would consider we are aggressively pursuing, 3 countries that are knocked out of consideration due to political or technological constraints, one we have tried and not had success, and one I don't have history on (others may be able to chime in.  THis is of course only 1 way to approach which countries may be the most desirable to consider, I am sure ECT would use a similar type of approach based on a multitude of other scenarios, considerations and assumptions to arrive where they are today.

    I know, long-winded way to say we agree on something, I tend to do these sorts of evaluations very quickly in my head, but the exercise of stepping it out to show others how I think is actually a good way to question some of my own assumptions.  Appreciate the discussion, and your time on elaborating.
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