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    Hi Guys,

    Came across this video of NM presenting at the Gold and Alternative Investment Conference that was in October last year and has only been released on 13/02/2020

    Had anybody seen this - NM at his very wound up best. To me it is the best preso I have seen him do. I have looked at it at least 3 times today and will look at it again.

    This to me is a remarkable Video on SOLG and Alpala and its 72 Permits- the info he cites in this video is just extraordinary.

    I have been with SOLG _CGP and DGR for a long time now and over time have wondered and sold the odd lot in frustration BUT I have to say looking at this I will just have to get a buy order in quick . Right back at the start I spoke to the then geologist (a french name ) I cannot remember and asked him what he thought of Cascabel and he said BUY NO OTHER STOCK JUST SOLG and you will be a VERY RICH MAN. He never mentioned how long I would have to hold to be rich though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did buy in but have had doubts over the years as the SP for all of them has fallen but listening to this preso I can now understand what the guy meant. This is a once in a lifetime deal and this really is only Cascabel listen to what he says about the rest they own and what he anticipates and extrapolates.

    I am really wrapped again in SOLG -Yeah you bet!!!!!!!!!!!

    To find it you will have to go to the CEO CA Insiders website enter SOLG into the Search box and look for the post dated 13/2/2020 posted at 20.53 by @Pob-click on the youtube announcement at the bottom of the post.

    For us LT holders this is just dynamite .

    Sorry to anyone that may have seen it but I looked hard and could not find it posted from October 2019



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