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NLC Board Approval

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    In regards to NLC board approval, I asked the question to the coy a couple of weeks ago and there response was NLC have approved already. Their approval included provision for the frozen status, so we don’t need another board approval from them is my understanding.

    It's all on NMDC - Fingers crossed for Tomorrow as it will be EPIC if we get the go ahead.

    MASSIVE MASSIVE for ECT and Shareholders.



    PS After the Trading Halt Hopefully we will look like this in regards to Time line:
    Approval for Frozen RCA - DONE
    NCIL - Approval for Signing - DONE
    NMDC Board Meeting approval for Signing - DONE ??
    ECT Board Meeting Approval of frozen RCA - DONE

    Signing Late March ?
    Financial Closure March 31st.
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