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NKP v Landau

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    My recollection is this that another cosy session in the WA Supreme Court will take place tomorrow.

    Will be another friendly affair where both parties will have a coffee and most likely agree to postpone any outcome until NKP takeover is completed. Zijin will not want to rock the boat. The $2m plus debt will just be written off as it was not included in the Valuation Report if I remember correctly. More of shareholder funds down the drain.

    That's 250m shares given to Genorah for the lost Tubatse farms, $25m exploration expenses wasted on the farms which were not ours and Landau's debt.

    NKP/ Genorah directors sucked us dry with CR and options. In return they want us to accept 10c per share and for us to be grateful. Chinese generosity at its best.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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