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    For those keen on comparisons and analysis of NKPs potential read on.

    AQP Aquarius Platinum
    Listed UK; Sth Africa; Canada; Aust.

    Shares 462m Options 1.1m
    Cash $195m Debt $82m
    Reserves (PGM) .106m oz
    Production .456,000oz pa Future Target 1m oz pa.

    Current SP.. $6.60 High 2008 Jan-July $18. Low.$2 Nov 2008.
    Capitalisation.. A$3billion

    NHM Northam Platinum ( Sth Africa)

    Listed Sth Africa (JSE)

    Shares 360.4m Options
    Resource 133m oz
    Production325,000oz pa Future target 650,000oz pa.

    Current SP A$689.00 ( converted from ZAR) Year High A$690 Year Low A$242
    Capitalisation.. A$2.487 billion


    NKP Nkwe Platinum

    Listed .Aust (Planned Sth Africa listing in 2010)

    Shares 576 m Options 98m After Dec 2009 placement
    Resource 126m oz
    Production . Nil Future Target 1m oz pa ( NKP share 500,000 oz pa) once both mines are operational circa 2013.

    Current SP 50c Recent High $1 (mid 2008)Recent Low 10c
    Capitalisation A$288m

    Based upon current valuations of both Aquarius and Northam .NKPs potential SP after conversion of options ( total 674m shares) with say Capitalisation of $3.3billion

    NKP SP will be Approx $5.00

    But if you check AQP highs in 2008 sp was $18 for six months. So could NKP sp reach this level in 2013?????
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