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    1. The HH price rose 73c in the week ended 20/2 to $9.08. 2. Gas in storage in the US declined from 1942BCF to 1770 BCF,assisted by temps. that were ,on average ,4% lower. Applying historical decline rates to the remaining period to 31.3 to the 1770 figure produces a gas in storage figure of `1345 at 31/3 (US Energy Information Agency calcs,not Freidas) . 3.The "12-month strip"(the average for futures contracts over the next 12 months and a statistic used by Mae in one of their most recent announcements) rose 45c to $9.31. I think this is the most important gas statistic for followers of gas companies. LNG. The US has imported significant LNG in the last few years-it goes to states that have no n.g. of their own,or where piping the gas in is difficult (the western seaboard is a huge importer of LNG-see my post on Northern California and its neighbour states) .Previously the US used to EXPORT LNG and its looking more and more like the US is headed towards exporting rather than importing the stuff. LNG prices in Europe and Japan are heading strongly up -again mae refers to this matter in one of their recent announcements (Maes reporting isnt all that bad-in fact on the technical/marketing side its actually quite good!) Now lets have some decent production figures and we should see Mae start to hit its straps in a" recession-proof "industry. And note the international connection that exists via the LNG market- what do you think the US LNG manufacturers used to (and will again,as if they ever stopped manufacuring the stuff ) make their Liquified NATURAL GAS out of !!!??? DYOR
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