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nine live's -full moon fever - wednesday

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    I really need to take issue with Pisces and others that have been taking advantage of this live cat bounce.

    The xjo tramp

    I have been courting this xjo woman since April. Taken her on dates, bought her expensive presents, listened to her for god knows how many hours at night when I'd rather she just - well, not to be to vague about it - put up or shut-up. The time comes when I decide she is taking advantage of my good nature and empathetic sensibilities. So I cut my losses.

    Next thing I find out she is hanging out with you mob, Pisces and his cohorts and not only that, has pulled up her blouse and given away all her favours for free.

    Dastardly, shameless Don Juans'

    Last night

    Riding back from the posh gym, through Kings Park bushland overlooking the mining capital. A nice ride fellas, hard to see though. My little flashing headlamp freezeframes the occasional cluster of carrion eaters ogling my lean post August 9 capitulated bones. They can tell I'm coming because my pedals squeak a bit.

    I know they are sizing me up. 'Look at that one, you can tell he sold on the big red downbar. No fat and depleted capital, caww, forget 'im'

    I trundled up Forlorn Fairway onto Rapist's Ramble and then began the slow creak up the hill to the very top of the park. The sign - 'Please report any fresh mounds of dirt to police' - signifies the beginning of the deserted track - Murderers Meander - which winds its way across the exposed crest of the sandy bushland park.

    Thinking that the ambiance fitted my mood perfectly, I glanced up at the sky. A brilliant Blue full moon blazed out of the dry atmosphere.

    A turning? Turn High or Low? A moment of clarity xjo'ers. I don't care. You've had your fun with the market tramp. She has a few surprises and you'll be down to the clinic in short shrift if you trusted her like I do/DID.

    Which brings us to our cat of the hour. And what a cool cat he is.

    Some say.. that he is so smooth that he doesn't sniff cognac, it sniffs him. That he is so even handed he is left handed every other day.

    All we know is that he is our....


    'The current rise looks to me like classic full moon fever....and then finally did anyone remember that last night was 10/10 and today is 11/10 ?? How famous is this part of the year for important turns ?? 10/10/2008 low, 11/10/2007 bull market high, 10/10/2002 bear market low, 11/10/1990 bear market low.' NINE LIVES

    Goodluck out there today trendsetters, and watch out for fresh mounds of earth!

    PS - A lesson from Barnsty the Brilliant.

    'I buy in deep red and sell on big green but will ride it a smiggin more..'BARNSTY

    PSS Sentiment indicatorss lighting up yesterday on the posts - Handy info.
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