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    Admiralty Resources have acquired a 10% interest in Nilnav Orthopaedics - an organisation offering a revolutionary, surgical technique and patented toolset for minimally invasive, "one cut" incision hip replacements.

    Nilnav has entered into an agreement with the NeuMedix Group to globally commercialise the technology.

    The Nilnav technology and procedures make it a major development in orthopaedic surgery in the last 40 years.

    Nilnav's minimal invasive surgical (MIS) technique utilises its patented toolset to deliver total hip replacements through a 5cm incision, without dislocation and minimal tissue damage. The tools are simple to use and allow orthopaedic surgeons extreme precision and orientation in the placement and alignment of the prosthetic hip, eliminating the need for computer aided surgery tools or guess work.

    A positive factor for a prosthetic manufacturer is that the Nilnav toolset is adaptable to meet various implant specifications. Once adapted, it can be used in conjunction with standard toolsets to perform the Nilnav MIS procedure.

    The key elements to the Nilnav procedure are:

    One small incision, generally 5cms, that dissects the facia tissue and the two short external rotator tendons. All other muscles remain in tact and there is no dislocation of the hip, which is a major advancement. The short external rotators are reattached before completion of the operation.

    A customised jig is used to ensure accuracy when cutting the fermoral head from the greater trochanter.

    A specialised tool is used to remove the femoral head

    A specialised reamer attachment for the femur to make the MIS easier and to assist with navigation down the center of the femur.

    The Nilnav "lollipop" alignment tool is used to accurately place and insert the acetabular cup.

    Application of the Nilnav spacer system for accurate alignment with reduced physical trauma namely minimal tissue disturbance and no dislocation.

    The Nilnav system has been demonstrated in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Negotiations are currently in place with a large organisation, with global interests, having expressed an interest in obtaining an exclusive licence over the Nilnav Technology.
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