night of the long knives has begun

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    'Night of the long knives has begun'
    But news of the sacking caught Liberal Party MPs and senators by surprise, and most of those who called or were contacted by the ABC said they were shocked.
    A common complaint was that it had been broadcast before they were consulted.
    "So much for the new era of consultation," one senior MP said.
    Another suggested it was "yet another captain's call".

    One senator said "this is nuts", while an MP stated "the night of the long knives has begun".
    has begun

    Philip Ruddock career highlights
    Elected to House of Representatives 1973
    Minister for immigration and multicultural affairs 1996-2001
    Minister for immigration and multicultural and indigenous affairs 2001-03
    Minister for administrative services 1997
    Minister assisting the prime minister for reconciliation 1998-2003
    Minister for reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs 2001
    Attorney-general 2003-07
    Chief government whip 2013-15

    How ruthless is this. Abbott's word about consultation is worthless. This is a travesty and the LNP brand is going to irreparably damaged. Even a switch to Malcolm Turnbull may not be able repair the consequences of what is occurring.
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