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    Nido Petroleum seems to be attracting a bit more interest at last. Probably as a result of presentations currently being given to brokers and their investors. Below is a page lifted from the company’s “Investor Presentation” document currently doing the rounds. Reads well on a risk/reward basis on present pricing in my view, but highly speculative.


    Nido Petroleum has huge upside potential:

    Cash flow from Nido A, B and Matinloc
    – Possible $4 million over next 5 years

    Substantial leverage if Galoc Development goes ahead
    – 30 million barrels gross = $35 million = $0.10/share
    – 50 million barrels gross = $60 million = $0.16/share

    Blue sky exploration:

    Pagasa Turbidites Unrisked
    –500 million barrels gross = $125 million = $0.34/share

    Coron North Unrisked
    –75 million barrels gross = $18 million = $0.05/share

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