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nido has come a long way

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    Nido has now become a serious explorer/producer.

    Congratulations to all holders. I have been following this company since the days of Charles Morgan and his crew. It first came to my attention when I was searching the stock lists in the Sydney Morning Herald and saw this company called Nido, which was trading at 1.5c and the Sydney Morning Herald showed that it had a Net Tangible Asset backing of $1.09, yes $1.09 !!!

    So I did further research and the potential of this little oiler started to dawn on me. Galoc was still on the drawing board and their was some old seismic on SC54, which showed the Pagasa Turbidites in SC54 and their similarity to turbidites in the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil.

    Then along came David Whitby and his crew and they put their money were their mouth is and put their own cash into this company. That's when I realised that these guys must know something nobody else does, why else would a person the calibre of David Whitby and crew come to Nido, of all oilers. Now we have Galoc in production along with 2 oil fields in SC54.

    Next are the big elephants and I am cautiously confident that they will find a very big elephant. Here's hoping everything that David Whitby and his crew saw will come to fruition.

    I congratulate all holders and lets see what the next 2 years bring.

    Cheers and goodluck to all holders...
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