nickel stocks

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    With the price of nickel hovering above the $3.50 and the reward for those holding nickel stocks should be significant, my thoughts on a few.

    JBM has seen an increase in trade over the last few weeks, from their quarterly they appear to be on track for a very profitable year. This years dividend likely to be above 20 cents with a possible interim?

    TIR showing some signs of life over the last few days, currently in a drilling program that should show some positive results, annoucements of Bug joint venture due soon?

    TTR expect positive news and cashflows with quarterly also gold development planned for later this year.

    AEX dead in the water?

    IGO some positive movement of late but travelling within a fixed range expect a good quarterly with movement north.

    MCR as for IGO looking for more resource to give it a bigger push.
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