nickel looking good

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    The frenzy over Nickel prices has subsided since the exciting times throughout 2003 but I just looked at the Nickel chart and got a shock.

    We're almost back to 5 year highs again at a time when Nickel explorers, miners and producers have seen steady declines in their share prices.

    VRE, MRE, ATX, SHN all look decidedly unhealthy at the moment but were once exciting booming speccies.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we see the old Nickel frenzy and excitement come back with a vengeance when we break $17,000 per tonne ($16,145 at the moment).

    Watch for a turnaround and rises in volumes in some of these old chestnuts. I made some excellent bucks on VRE and ANL (now MRE) so for the sake of nostalgia I'd love to see them come back.

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