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    For the punters you will not go wrong by picking some juniors with good speculative Nickel and other metal prospects. Nickel is tipped to be very strong up to 2006. I would like to suggest Thundelarra. (THX) as a good buy.

    I have been charting Nickel, Copper, Platinum and Palladium as well as gold for the last 3 mths. It’s interesting to see the gradual increase.

    For example : From June 2003.

    Nickel from $8,615 to $9,705.
    Copper from $1,668 to $1,794
    Gold from $358 to $377
    Platinum from $670 to $715
    Palladium from $187 to $220

    Thundelarra were looking closely at the Platinum and Palladium potential of their “Eileen” bore claim in the East Kimberly but now have very quickly switched to a closer examination of the Nickel potential of this large intrusion.

    The recent exceptional nickel intersections from their “Copernicus and Salk” discovery, released last week to the ASX, will have dampened the critics as to its potential. A “very robust” discovery was reported. Sally Malay have benefited from this find as it has pushed their mine life potential up from the current five years of their own deposit. Both “Copernicus & Salk” have potential to develop into a size equal to the current SMY ore body.

    Thundelarra is a good punt. They have some 3,000 odd sq kms pegged over most of the known intrusions needed for a nickel discovery.

    The recent report of a some 40 odd targets and a new gossam discovery with surface assays of 0.9% nickel, 0.8% copper and 1.34 ppm platinum, plus palladium plus gold from a prime new target just shows how prospective this whole area is. The field talk is that this is a substantial gossam with a large surface area and confirms the potential of this limited explored area.

    I would venture to say that Thundelarra would be only one of a very few true grass roots Nickel and Platinum explorers at this current time. Most of the recent Junior Nickel producers have inherited their finds from WMC.


    Obviously with Nickel demand strong there will be interest for any more discoveries. SMY would have their eyes firmly on any new results. My thoughts hinge on one of the big producers watching closely any new finds by THX and also knowing that SMY will have the means to process the ore. SMY in itself with only a five year mine life plus the JV with THX would not be attractive, but combine this with the huge claim area of THX and it could be a very desirable dual acquisition, especially if THX can come up with some more finds.

    THX will be commencing further drilling on the new targets within weeks, and the word is watch for the results from the “Black Bull” prospect.

    The unknown immediate “Blue Sky” for this stock could come from their diamond claims.
    With the current exploration-taking place by BHPB/Gravity at Phillips Range they have the chance of a major discovery that will run the shares anyway.

    With reported 38 new priority “Falcon” generated diamond targets you would assume there will be new discoveries. Any major find and BHPB will gobble up THX.

    All in all a very good position to be in. For any investor wanting a good speculative stock that has limited shares on issue and tightly controlled. THX at 30 cents is one to add to your super fund.
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