nickel , gold or diamonds

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    The Company is cashing up and getting ready to roll.

    The Annual report is an interesting read in its entirety.

    The Demerger of KTL is interesting in its timing as they seem to have many contracts under negotiation.

    Whats at Quinns Hill ? Nickel?

    Ellendale JV on the cards?

    The stock is still over priced due to the rights issue being carried out at 2 cents...but why do people keep buying the stock between .045 and .06 ?

    The Directors of Kanowna Consolidated Gold
    Mines Limited recently resolved to actively seek
    opportunities for the acquisition of advanced
    stage mineral projects within Australia and
    overseas with particular emphasis on gold and

    To this end, Willowood Corporate have
    been mandated with the task of assisting the
    Company locate, evaluate and acquire mineral
    projects that fulfil required criteria.

    The Quinn Hills Joint Venture with Barra
    Resources Limited remains ongoing. During the
    year the Company agreed to extend the initial
    $450,000 earning period in relation to the joint
    venture for a further 2 years to 13 October 2005.
    Barra Resource Limited is seeking joint venture
    parties to advance exploration on its Quinn
    Hills Project (27,300 hectares) of which the
    Quinn Hills Joint venture forms part (9,000
    hectares). The 2 year extension will allow
    incoming joint venture parties time to conduct
    systematic exploration over the entire Quinn
    Hills Project area.

    The Ellendale diamond project consists of 2
    exploration licences located on the Lennard
    Shelf in the south-western Kimberley region in
    Western Australia. Previous exploration has
    identified 4 lamproite pipes of which one, being
    the Camarotoechia pipe is known to be
    diamondiferous. The Directors are currently
    reviewing options in respect of this prospective
    project with a view to either joint venturing or
    conducting a self- funded exploration
    programme later this year.
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