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nickel fights back for the nickel miners!!

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    Nickel ¬ Dec 22, 02:51
    Bid/Ask 6.8550 - 6.9003
    Change +0.1247 +1.85%
    Low/High 6.6962 - 6.9003

    Yep, Nickel cares about all us nickel miner holders.

    Nickel noticed that it's 20% jump in 3 days only caused Nickel miners on the ASX to move up around 1%.

    Nickel asks the question why?

    Why when I drop 10% do share prices fall 10%?

    But when I go up 20% in a week, I am ignored?

    Nickel says "do you not know I am in short supply & expected to rise much higher?"

    Nickel says "did you not read the quotes from Scrap Magazine?"

    Scrap Magazine is quoting Macquarie Research as one of those bullish on nickel prices for 2005. They predict prices to terade in the $6-$7 range throughout 2005 with the average price of $6.75/lb.

    Nickel says"Do you not know that Maquarie were very bullish last year on Nickel prices & predicting Nickel to trade around $5US/lb for 2004?"

    Nickel says" Do you know I traded in 2004 for much higher valuations?"

    ****The messages stop at this point****

    The crystal ball says all time highs for Nickel prices sometime in before May & June.

    Thats when Norislk can't ship & Inco shutdown for a well deserved break.

    The chart looks good too.

    Notice the lows since April 2004 keep getting higher??


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