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    Whew, what an afternoon! just back from bagging some nice flathead out of Pumicestone Passage, cold beer in hand and then to sit down and read a recent Cliff Green Daily Base Metal Report which has Nickel running hot!
    This guy is tipping $12,000/T US near term with a near certain potential for a run to $15,000 and maybe even $18,000 mid term!!!!!!!!! After it has now completed a 14 year technical basing pattern.
    Thats FOURTEEN YEARS incase you missed it.
    Looks like Dryblower's tip of a possible $24,000/T might not be so far fetched after all.
    And here's ole Nickelbutt sitting with nearly every significant nickel related share under his belt in one form or another.
    Aaahhhh! the frying pan is sizzling, the glass is full and I'm soon down to the local with my buddy to watch the golden gods of rugby kick those dumb Irish "asses".
    Things don't get much better
    Nickelbutt gonna sleep well tonight.
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