nice words only for opes victims

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    Yeah, I've been there too.

    Not Opes, but another nameless one.

    $100k, gone. House sold up, then made redundant, relocate for work, all that stuff. I was there too.

    Then my wife found out, I passed out, vomited, all that stuff. No sleep, yep, my fault probably. ignorant, greedy, too trusting, maybe all of the above. Also defrauded by a big bank who admitted their error (in telling me the paperwork was in order, then found out it wasn't and covered their backside) said they can fight me longer in court. no lawyer in town would take my case as they all get work from that bank. kissed it goodbye. let it go.

    Been there, so irrespective of where fault lies, it doesn't change what you are feeling and I'm there with you in spirit.

    All I can say is that the sun will rise, life will go on. one day you will wake up and it will be 6 years on and things somehow do get better.

    They can take it all, the house, the car, whatever. the only thing that will get you through is your relationship with your partner, and the love in a family.

    We're all going to be pushing up daisies one day- its not a race to see who dies with the most stuff. For mine we came out stronger for it and made changes in our lives which enriched them. yes hopes and dreams were shattered, but we decided we wouldn't let it affect us and if nothing else, our love was stronger and better for it, and we are happier, even though we have less than we would have otherwise had.

    So when the bills come through the door don't let the love fly out the window. My analogy was I was in a bucket of sh**, and no one was throwing a rope over the edge to get me out. but together we built us. would i want to lose that for the money? sometimes i think maybe i could have had both, but if what we have now would be less if we were where we were before the loss, i don't think so.

    my wife went and hired the movie "cheech and chong up in smoke" it was a great tension breaker. my brother took me to the drive in to see Blade 2 and Ali G, that also helped.

    There were up days and down days yes, still are. Don't forget there are services of people who have been there and can empathise, don't feel afraid to call them and talk, speaking to lots of people who lost it all and dealt with the shame, agony, hurt, embarrassment, anger, made the burden more barable.

    I'm hurting for you too. its not funny, in fact it bites! Best wishes through it all. You will come out the other side. I know its no consolation right now, but it is true that half the people on this planet would give anything to be you right now, and you still have the most important asset of all- you. You will be back. Maybe not as shining as you once were, but cream rises, you will eventually have a freedom and peace from the feeling that can eat inside of us at such times.
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