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nice views of dar al salam on tv

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    Over the weekend CNN showed one of those round the world programmes with brief scenes of interesting travel destinations. I missed most of it but caught the last few minutes as the camera panned through through downtown & suburban Dar al Salam which I had never seen before. Zanzibar with its old balconied colonial mansions & clove plantations usually gets all the attention.Pretty noisy & bustling but not slums. It wasn't as good as old Cairo or as bad as Lagos or Soweto- moderately
    prosperous with a fair bit of traffic, bikes & small cars. Certainly a great need for energy there- probably the general populace will end up with take away(exploding) gas cylinders as in the Gulf rather than gas laid on as in Sydney or Melbourne. I wish I had been able to see more of Dar.
    It is interesting to note that neighbour Zambia just had a very peaceful election & transfer of power. Kenya has settled down & other near neighbour Botswana is quite prosperous. I wouldn't worry about sovereign risk. But I'm sure ther'll be some contested moves in the Game for the little bit of pipeline left over between KEY & Company.
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