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    Followed these guys all last year. Hardly ever got it wrong.
    It is time for us to relax for a few days while wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a Prosperous 2010.

    WSF introduced AUSWATCH, or OZWATCH as some of you Auzzies say in 2009 and AUSWATCH has provided some spectacular results with the majority of our preferred stocks making major gains during the year.

    Prima Biomed (ASX Code: PRR) was the No. 2 performing stock in 2009 on the Australian Stock Exchnage (ASX) and we really don't know how we missed picking the No. 1 ASX Stock.

    Others on the AUSWATCH list like TGX, (who still have possible funding problems) QMN, CXU, GBZ saw gains of 50% plus and more in 2009.

    As this is the final AUSWATCH email for this year, we must look towards 2010 with expectations that major surges will occur early in the new year in the following ASX stocks. Have a close look at, and Track the following stocks in the first six months of 2010:-

    Automotive Technologies (ASX Code: ATJ) International recognition of their products along with an OEM deal in Asia will see the share price climb steeply in 2010.

    GBM Resources (ASX Code: GBZ) JV deals will see this explorer make substantial gains.

    Prima Biomed (ASX Code: PRR) As test results are leaked expect to see 70c plus along with Nasdaq listing.

    Consolidated Tin (ASX Code: CSD) Funding approval will see SP double at least.

    K2 Energy (ASX Code: KTE) Looking good as legal problems are sorted out.

    Emergent Resources (ASX Code: EMG) Chinese partnership could make EMG a major player.

    Ramelius Resources (ASX Code RMS) Completion of takeover of Dioro will bring large surges in Stock Price.

    Feel free to pass this email on to friends and family and anyone who may wish to receive Auswatch in 2010, but get set first yourself. Look out for next AUSWATCH in mid January 2010.

    For your friends to receive a FREE subscription email:- [email protected]

    William Bailey
    Wall Street Finances
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